Installing Pip and Magic Wormhole on Lubuntu 16.04


Python 2 and Python 3 come with Ubuntu/Lubuntu. python calls v 2.7.12 and python3 calls 3.5.2.

Installing pip

I think you can install regular pip by running: sudo apt install python-pip and then upgrading it with pip install --upgrade pip. I'm not sure whether, after doing this, pip is tied to python 2 or 3. My guess is v 2, which is fine.

Installing Magic Wormhole

To install magic-wormhole, a CLI to "get things from one computer to another, safely", I needed to install some other stuff. They suggest installing all at once with apt-get install python-pip build-essential python-dev libffi-dev libssl-dev. I likely could have run that command without python-pip.

I was then able to install magic-wormhole with sudo pip install magic-wormhole.