GNU Privacy Assistant

For a GPG GUI application, try sudo apt install gpa which installs a program called "GNU Privacy Assistant"

Using a PGP private key from a Smartcard on Ubuntu

  1. Add the public key to your system: Get the .asc file onto your system, then run gpg2 --import <file-name>.asc
  2. Plug the smartcard into your computer.
  3. Try running gpg2 --card-status.


  • If the above doesn't work try installing scdaemon and pcscd with sudo apt install scdaemon and then sudo apt install pcscd. You may also need to sudo apt install gpgsm
  • You may also need to kill and restart scdaemon with:
killall scdaemon
pgrep scdaemon

You can now encrypt and decrypt files with the pgp keys on your smartkey using the gpg2 command line tool. To decrypt a file run something like this: gpg --output test --decrypt '/home/schlinkert/keepass-databases/key-files/fly1.key.gpg'. Check that you can decrypt a Keepass database AND that you can alter settings.