Schlink's Docs

Welcome! This is an mdbook full on notes that Sam Schlinkert has written about installing and running a Linux desktop. It's mostly for personal reference, but you may find it useful. It mostly pertains to Ubuntu-based systems.

My Config Files

Most of my Linux config files (as opposed to guides, which is what this site is mostly made up of) live in this GitHub repo. (Separately, I keep an Alacritty config file as a Gist.)

How this book is set up

This is an mdbook. The book's source files live in this GitHub repo -- if you wish to contribute to this book, please create an issue or pull request there!

The GitHub repo of my Jekyll website/blog, which is one place where this book is published, is here.

Publishing the mdbook to the GitHub Page:

The book.toml file in the mdbook source repo specifies that the mdbook builds locally to ../ (via the mdbook build command). So when you set this up you need those two directories in the same parent directory, likely code/.

Once set up, you can run a full "publish" procedure:

  1. In the mdbook source repo, run mdbook build
  2. In the Jekyll site repo, add and commit the Git changes and then run git push origin master

Contact the Author

You can find Sam on Twitter or Mastodon or contact him via more secure channels.