Using a PGP private key from a Smartcard on Ubuntu

I think I need to :

  1. add the key's public half a. get the .asc file onto your system. b. run gpg2 --import <file-name>.asc
  2. Plug in the card
  3. try gpg2 --card-status If that doesn't work try installing scdaemon and pcscd with sudo apt install scdaemon and then sudo apt install pcscd. You may also need to sudo apt install gpgsm
  • you may also need to kill and restart scdaemon with:
killall scdaemon
pgrep scdaemon

You can now encrypt and decrypt files with the pgp keys on your martkey using the gpg2 command line tool.


To add GUI support on Xfce, while using Thunar file manager, it looks like I'm going to need to build some Thunar custom actions, which doesn't seem ideal. Xcfe doesn't use Nautilus by default, so I doubt installing seahorse-nautilus is going to do me any good.