Setting up Standard Notes on Linux

As of January 2020, Standard Notes is available as a snap.

sudo snap install standard-notes

But I originally installed Standard Notes via the AppImage, so I'll leave those instructions here.

First, let's download Standard Notes for Linux from the Standard Notes site, which gives us an AppImage file.

Where to put the AppImage file?

Here's one way that works: Create a directory at ~/standard-notes/ and move the AppImage file there. Also, go download a PNG of the Standard Notes logo and place it in this directory.

Creating the .desktop file

If you don't yet have a .desktop file for Standard Notes, we'll create one. At ~/.local/share/applications/standard-notes.desktop paste the following:

[Desktop Entry]

Now, after a computer restart, Standard Notes should come up when you search your applications.

More on desktop files in the Arch Wiki.